Specialising in Architectural Photography and based in Bayside Melbourne, I have a great eye for detail, angles, composition and colour when it comes to buildings, interiors and their individual design aspects.

If you have a budget, I can tailor my services to suit.

I’m an easy-going professional, a good communicator with great customer service.

Architectural Photography
Event Photography
Attention To Detail
Great Composition Is Key


Architectural photography:

  • We discuss the ideas behind the design to ensure we capture the very best details and highlights, to create great image compositions.
  • The best shoot time for the location and its orientation must be researched to learn the suns trajectory and how light and shadows fall on the subject matter. Early morning or the lead up to dusk are generally best to capture the alluring illumination of the location. 
  • Proofs are provided following your photo shoot, so you can make your image selections
  • Images will be retouched and frames blended to ensure image optimisation
  • Final images are typically supplied as both high and low resolution jpegs

Event photography:

  • We discuss the venue, your theme, timelines for your special guests and speakers, showcases, presentations and entertainment to help me fully understand your photography expectations.
  • You provide an itinerary of the event and we prioritise accordingly
  • There are day and night rates for event photography with a two hour minimum booking
  • Final images are supplied as high and low resolution jpegs, with minor retouching as required.

Other genres photography:

  • Product, Lifestyle and Real Estate photography requires processes similar to those specified under Architectural photography (see above)
  • Portrait and head shots can be staged or natural in a variety of locations
  • It’s vital that your website and marketing materials leave a lasting, positive impression on your potential clients, And high quality photography is a key component.
  • Keeping your online imagery fresh is crucial as many potential clients equate the quality of these images to the quality of your business.
  • Give your projects a professional advantage by owning custom images.


  • Refer to Terms & Conditions, provided with a written quote.

Why a professional photographer:

  • When a company hires a professional photographer they get image composition, experience, creativity, knowledge, insight and retouching skills.
  • Hiring a professional photographer is the only solution for a company that wants exclusive photographic imagery that sets it apart from competitors.
  • You want potential clients to be impressed when they visit your website and feel they’re buying into a quality business. You may only get one chance to impress!
  • I’ll work with the parameters you set (budget and otherwise) to ensure you’re satisfied with the end product and that together, we deliver on expectation.