Bombardier Global XRS Private Jet Sale Aviation Photography.

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Photographer:  Roger Thompson

Location: Essendon Airport (April 2020)

Bombardier Global XRS private jet for sale – Aviation Photography.

So Covid has certainly slowed business.  Clients tightening their belts and spending less, which is understandable, but I’m still ticking along here ok, and at last here I am finally getting around to adding a new website blog! (How time flies!) 

I’ve got lots of past exciting photography projects to to add here still, so please keep an eye out.  My Instagram account is much more up to date if you wish to take a look there: (

Back to this amazing Bombardier Global XRS private jet for sale.  Well what a unique project to photograph! 

InvestJet was selling this amazing private jet, to be replaced with a brand new model.  I was kindly asked to help out with the photography of this project by my good friend Simon (You can see his jet blog here –, and I was very happy to come aboard (no pun intended!). 

The photography required my architectural retouching skillset to ensure the images looked their best, lots of photoshop retouching and colouring. 

As Covid was more of a ‘new thing’ happening back then, we all took the right precautions to work safely, we all wore masks, gloves and kept personal space.

There were further difficulties on the shoot.  We needed the plane moved around for some different angles, and there was a videography team (Pixel3 Video Productions team) also creating a video short of the plane so we needed to ensure we didn’t trip each other up, and we allowed them to shoot their video first for better natural light, but in hindsight, this hindered us shooting the internals later as light soon faded to dark outside.

Overall the client was super happy with both the photography and videography.  It was a great team effort.  

If you happen to have a private jet for sale, I’d be more than happy to help out with quality photography and videography to show off your jet to its best.  0424 097 530

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