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Hello Grave Digger, the most well known Monster Jam Monster truck in the world!

This was a fun time travelling to all the Monster Truck tour destinations:  Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Auckland NZ photographing the multiple stadium events thanks to Feld Entertainment. 

My main task was to photograph the pit parties, people meeting the drivers, various sponsor displays and various interactions then move on the the stadium shows capturing the Monster trucks in action and the crowds excitement and involvement.  It was electric with roaring supercharged V8’s pumping out around 15,000hp!  ‘The noise’!

Some events were day time, and some evening time.   One or two events had rain which added another element to the shows for both the trucks and myself with my equipment.

I thoroughly enjoyed researching each stadium to enable me to be in the best position to capture to grand entrance money shot of the trucks entering the stadiums where the crowd goes wild with noise and excitement and trucks roar in with fireworks blasting all around.

Whilst at the Sydney event. I was asked if I could shoot a short video clip interview which I obliged.  It was an interview with main show MC and used to help promote in NZ.

Many of my photos have been used all around the world promoting Monster Jam.

Thanks Feld!

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